Likely no base gravel for the RM of Aberdeen in 2011…maybe?

If there was one thing I could always say that was good about the┬áRM of Aberdeen, it was that they had a good price on base gravel. It is an important item for people building homes and roads, something the RM has a lot of. But, a simple phone call determined that the RM will have the base gravel ready “after they crush it”. I asked when that might be in simple terms of a calendar date, but no answer was given. I was asked to call them back in a month and maybe they will have a better idea of a date, but they may not bother this year.

The going advertised rate around Saskatoon is about $45/yard. Two years ago I purchased 75 yards from the RM of Aberdeen for a little over $1000, so about $13/yard if I remember correctly, about a $2000 savings.

Rate for base gravel in our neighboring RM of Blucher….$9.25/yard. Have I mentioned that their country residential mill rate is 5.1602? That’s 45% less money they take from you, or Aberdeen takes 80% more…however you want to look at it. Here is a link to Blucher’s price list


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