CBC and Bell towers ongoing malfunctioning

The Bell tower has been malfunctioning for almost 6 months now, but not in the blinding way it has in the past. It is doing a double flash on the lower lights and also not synced with the top light. What is really sad is that I would rather not call and have them try to fix it because that light has typically been much worse in the past, and the people in charge don’t seem to have a clue. It is always a battle. I’d rather have twice as many flashes per minute than the blinding lightning flashes that we would probably end up with after they botched the repair.

The CBC tower, which for about 2 months has been emitting a 7+ flash per second strobe on the middle light after sunset. This is not visible from north of the tower as it faces straight south, so Mission Ridge and Bergheim Estates probably only saw this on drives home from the city. I decided to the person in charge of that tower and let him know about the malfunction, and as usual he was a pleasure to deal with and I am quite confident that they will remedy the situation immediately.

I was surprised that no one from the Strawberry Hills or Valley View area had called to alert CBC of this previously. I encourage anyone who notices anything wrong to contact Steve at 306-956-7461. He will take your concerns seriously and if there is a problem he has historically fixed it right away.

Oh ya, legally these towers are to be visually inspected for proper functioning every 24 hours.

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